Intranet Rabobank International

July 7, 2014 ,

Rabobank International launched their new intranet some time ago, but it was far from finished when I started. I was constantly busy with polishing the design, adding new sections and improving the user experience.


Improve and expand the new Rabobank intranet


As designer (lead) in a great multidisciplinary team I constantly worked on improvements and updates of the Rabobank International intranet. During this project I was responsible for (most of) the interaction- and visual design. I started by updating and improving the homepage, but my tasks became broader during the project. I created complete new sections and created a complex walk-through for setting personal preferences.

Tools: Adobe Fireworks
Methods: User interviews, sketching, concepting, information architecture, prototyping

Due to a non-disclosure agreement I cannot share more info