Deduction Accountancy & Advies

March 15, 2016 ,

The website of small accountant and consulting agency Deduction was taken offline some time ago. It was not representative for the agency anymore and the information it provided was not up to date.


Design a new website that represents Deduction


First conversations with the client quickly revealed that they didn’t had many specific requirements. Because of this, the project didn’t require a difficult set up and design. They requested an informative site that shows who Deduction is, and what they do. That is why I decided to use a WordPress template and customise it. This way no developers needed to be involved, so it saved time and money. While I was working on the design, a copywriter wrote new content for the site. I was responsible for defining the pages and their content and for arranging and customising the WordPress template. I was also responsible for the photography on the site.

You can find the website at

Tools: Sketch, WordPress
Methods: Sketching, concepting