A tag/topic based Philips intranet

November 1, 2015 ,

Philips wants to create a new, innovative and personalised intranet that only shows content that is relevant to the user.


Lay out a structure for Philips’ new tag based intranet and create responsive components and page templates


I supported the Philips Design team with creating a new personalised, tag/topic based intranet. As part of the team, I helped with the first phase. This included the intranet structure, page templates and the ground base for the intranet. First we started with a complete content analysis of the current intranet and came up with a content strategy. From there we started to create a new navigation structure and defined the first most important pages. Because it’s a tag based intranet the formal navigation structure is limited. We had to figure out a way to make alle pages accessible without this formal navigation. We solved this by letting employees search for content. The search results will lead them to the page directly, instead of using a navigation to find content. Like how google works. We designed the homepage first, from where employees can reach the most important things (like specific apps) directly. From there we created follow-up pages. Because we had a component based approach we also create a component library and styleguide. Because this is a huge project, and still ongoing, it will be launched in phases where as the first phase recently launched.

You can read more on LinkedIn, in an extensive post of Dennis Agusi (Communication Channels Lead at Philips)

Tools: Sketch, Axure
Methods: User interviews, sketching, concepting, information architecture, content analysis, prototyping

Due to a non-disclosure agreement I cannot share more info