UX Designer

Hi, I'm Miranda Schenkel

I am a passionate UX designer that is specialised in design for behaviour. I love to combine psychology with my design skills to create meaningful products that are easy to use. I studied Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam and graduated cum laude in 2013.

I have been working at this company in Amsterdam called UNITiD for almost 5 years now. I work on all kinds of projects differing from apps to complex social intranet systems and everything in between.

Besides interaction design I love to work with animals. That’s why I am a dog photographer in my weekends and why I volunteer at the local animal shelter.

I like to travel the world and already visited lots of places in Europe like the somewhat odd (but very beautiful) countries Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania and Cyprus. I travelled to Belize and Russia as well.


Concept Development
Starting from scratch is where all the fun begins! Producing lots of fun, crazy, serious and cool ideas to eventually get to the best solution. Workhops are a great way to generate lots of ideas quickly.
To give ideas more structure and body I create wireframes. I love figuring out how to arrange a page and how to design the best user flow with business needs in mind.
User Research
Interviewing, observing and performing user tests is something every designer should do. How can you create a user-friendly product without involving the user? Right, you can’t.
Information Architecture
Figuring out complex (navigation) structures to make them simpler and more accessible. From intranets to apps.
I love writing about things that intrigue me. I write a lot about design on UNITiD.nl, blog about dog photography on ZOOM.NL  and write about my travel adventures on my travelblog.
I love taking pictures of beautiful things, especially dogs. But I also shoot portraits and see pretty things in nature everywhere.


Interaction Design
Visual Design
Information Architecture
Dutch (writing & speaking)
English (writing & speaking)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Illustrator


This portfolio shows some of my work


Interested in my work? Let’s grab a drink together or just find five minutes to chat on the phone.

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